Sunday, October 19, 2008


Tilak K C

I looked at the big golden sun flower. She opened her eyes with the golden sun in the dawn. She admired him in hot and humid afternoons. She waved him farewell as he sank down the horizons in the evening. In the night, she cried in pain. She cried in pain and anguish of separation. She cried for the golden morning, the hot and humid afternoons and lonely evenings. Her tears shone as the silver pearls of dew in the morning sun.

I was amused by all of this.

“Oh flower, why are you crying? “ I asked.

“Oh boy, I am crying because I can not bear the pain of separation from my beloved,” She replied.

“Oh dear flower, you cry for something you shall never achieve. You cry for that morning start that shall never be yours.” I continued. “You can not be close to him. You will vanish in the warmth of him. Your soft petals would be vanquished in that scorching heat.”

She keenly gazed at me. Then with a deep sigh it replied.

“My dear boy, I love him and the pain of that love is sweeter than thousand honeys. The pain of that separation is dearer tome than the thousands of life without it. I know I will never be with him. He is a burning ball that flies in the depth of skies. And I roam the green earth. Yet the warmth of his morning love upon my face is all I want from him. The scorching afternoons are dearer to me than the cushion of eternal luxury. He loves me. And that is sufficient for me to want him eternally. This love and separation have all the happiness I want.”

I was amused by the reply.

“One day I shall be in his arms. And I shall perish in his scorching heat. That will be the final glory. I shall have lived my life to the fullest. Then I shall die in love and pride.”

Each and every word was sinking in me. I now envied her devotion.


Mervyn said...


although your entry is lengthy, but i like your picture. Very nice.

Cheers and happy blogging!!!

Tilak said...

Thanks for the compliment...

bjork said...

nice pic!

Gail said...

Wonderful work!

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