Friday, May 2, 2008

Are We the Seeds?

Portrait by: Shreekrishna Sharma

By Joanne Cucinello

Is it “time" ~

or the weight of the world

that pulls the body

downward into earth?

Were we born

on top of the moon

poor descendants of the stars

here to become


with something more?

And are we soon to recognize

the uncontainable nature

of our spirits

our true identity ~

or must we continue

for another thousand years

believing in war

and separateness?

The Great Spider

continues to weave its vast web

threading bridges of instant passage

connecting minds

across all earthly borders

with just one


But will we survive

when the plug is pulled?

Will we still be connected ~

or will our fate be like that

of our ancient brothers

the Stars above ~

drifting forever silent and separate

in the great unknown?

Joanne Cucinello is a poet, writer, mother, grandmother.. a friend and a sister .. or she is a woman. She has wonderful collection of her poetry in her personal blog The beauty of her poetry is the simplicity with which she represents heaviest of human emotions. I am completely taken by the beauty of that. I enjoy her poetry very much. Hope you will do the same.

Shreekrishna Sharma is a wonderful artist. I will keep on posting his creations in the future articles. He has wonderful collection in his blog He could be reached at


Tilak said...

Wonderful!A wonderful poem! Keep up the good job.

Ceris said...

I love that first verse, and the next, and the next... Great choice Tilak, and love the artwork too !

Shreekrishna Sharma said...

Thanks for posting my portrait, Tilak. The poem is great...

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