Monday, May 5, 2008


Potrait By: Shreekrishna Sharma.

-By Shashank Shrestha.

two toys... a beautiful ballerina and a fluffy, corny looking teddy bear... the teddy loves the ballerina; it loves the way she moves, her smile and the music that seems to ethereally surround her when she's dancing gracefully... the teddy loves her madly but he can't do anything to gain the ballerina's affection... the ballerina has many admirers, the teddy is one of them, it is but a tiny speck in the ocean of toys that surround the ballerina...

Does anything set the teddy apart? It loves the ballerina, it cares for her and perhaps it'll give up its own happiness for her sake and expects nothing in return, but will it be enough? The teddy is a pitiable creature, even if it tries to its fullest, it will never be the one the ballerina wants... the teddy understands but still doesn't change direction; stubborn as it may sound, it doesn't throw away the feelings it has. Stupid, is it? Or is it just illusioned?
The ballerina sees the teddy... she smiles at the funny thing... She knows what is in the teddy's thoughts but she cannot return what it feels... Her's, is a life filled with such admirers; admirers attracted by what she projects herself to be... would the teddy turn to her if she weren't as beautiful? Would it listen if she didn't generate the music that follows her every footstep? No, the teddy would never care... Perhaps her's is a lonely path, filled with those who flock around her.. but never try to see what's hidden underneath...

the teddy humors her, but she knows deep down inside she wants it to leave, she wants it to stop placing its attention on her. The ballerina does not want the company of the teddy; they'll end up hurting each other this way. The comfort she wants will never be given by the teddy; not unless it gives up on the very thing it came to earn... the ballerina cannot give the teddy the kind of love it wants... she would confide in it but it'll misunderstand it as a sign of affection, she would cry on its fluffy, furry shoulders but the teddy would deem itself as something treasurable to her... She can't give it such false ideas... Hence the distance... always the distance...
the teddy wonders why the ballerina is sad, it wonders why it can't wipe away her tears... its life will be spent in the same confusion... why?

the ballerina see the confusion in the teddy's crumpled cotton face... she doesn't turn to it... as much as she wants the comfort of a friend's shoulder, she doesn't want the teddy as anything more than what it is... her life too will be spent in maintaining the distance... why?
relics of the past gone by, a broken mirror, a nagging void... does the distance still remain?

-Shashank Shrestha is currently pursuing his Bachelors degree in Lee University. He is a fantastic writer and photographer. Samples of his works could be found This piece of writing is from his facebook notes. The acute representation of love via the means of toys impressed me very much. I liked this piece a lot.

Shreekrishna Sharma is a wonderful artist. I will keep on posting his creations in the future articles. He has wonderful collection in his blog He could be reached at


Tilak said...

I liked this very much!

Kelvin Oliver said...

This is very interesting and well written. The writing about the teddy bear and ballerina. I will say that there could be something meaningful in this writing peice. I enjoyed reading this. Awesome writing by the author.

Natalie Galitzine said...

This is a very true story... very sad. I enjoyed reading it!


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