Friday, May 9, 2008


By Prabal Subedi

The soundless winter

pitch dark night

yellow stars

so beautiful

like glitters of gold

in the vast

abyss vessel.

The patience wind

chills with time

to remind me

of times I need

of times I passed.

The darkness

seems so cozy

lives up

to the hope

that sun will rise

tomorrow with a new

shine for life.

The darkness


waits for

a new morning

of the golden rays

of the golden sun,


the blue sky

and white clouds.

It waits

patiently for the sun

for its enemy

it has to go

once it comes

it has to vanish

it has to vanquish

and no one

will remember it


for they need Sun

but will in

no circumstances realize

that the Sun prevails after

the night has gone.

The night yet

covers me

while I sleep

provides me with

the silence

that I feel

in my dreams,

the calmness

that I so need.

I thank you

oh “Night”

for you have

always taught me patience

for you have

made sure

that once I get up

I see the Sun

I see brightness

I see tomorrow.

Oh Night,

I wait for thee

I praise thee

I love thee!

Prabal subedi is pursuing his undergraduate degree in Jacobs University Bremen,Germany. He has taken a wonderful initiative to write this nice poem. He can be reached at


Tilak said...

Nice one, keep up the good job.

Anonymous said...

this guy totally rocks k, sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous all
ma tapai bhanda 1 batch tala ko bahini, chuyo ko chinnu bho?

Amita said...

nice one..........
I liked it :)

Kelvin Oliver said...

Awesome work. Nice details and choice of words.

Joanne Cucinello said...

I love this soft tribute to the night and its tranquil gift . . . that rewards us once again with the golden morning sun.
A lovely poem, indeed!

Nita Gauchan said...

yo man this guy simply rocks...this poem rocked my world...rocking

Prashanta said...

Patel rocks!!

nik said...

Awesome poem. Seems the poet is missing some very important thing in his life! A meaningful poem with soulful wording!!

Suraz said...

prabaldar, i never knew u wrote poems. nice one.

Bobbi said...

Amazing poem, beautifully written.

a m u z said...

aba prabal ko computer hack nai hannu parne bhayo...

Prabal said...

Thank you everyone :), esp. Tilak dai.

Prasoon said...

Patel sardar, really nice one, get to see the bright morning man. never knew that you were a poet, folk.

AngelRexx said...

Beautifully written!keep up the good work

Stephanie said...

The poet seems to be a really
touchy person. I liked the way how he(its he, right?) gives night, the respect and the love that it so deserves. It speaks for one of the 'less popular' events.
I would like to request the poet to write more of such poems.

puru said...

prabal bro, keep these poems coming. I don't have such an interest in poems but this one was enchanting. Keep it coming. Please find some time to pour periodically.

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