Saturday, April 19, 2008


I was born god.

The first time I opened my eyes I saw my mother crying in pain. I looked around. The world was full of suffering. The people were killing each other. They were fighting. They had big wounds. They had cut limps. They were crying in pain.

And suddenly I too, was infected by this disease. My limbs started hurting. I was in pain for first time.

One day, I was hungry. I was exhausted from the day of fiddling in my cradle. I wanted to feed from my mother’s. I let out a cry. But like any other days, my mother didn’t appear. I cried and waited for her. She was nowhere to be seen.

I was angry with her. I had experienced anger for the first time.

One day, my friend bought a magnificent doll. He kept on playing with it. I was envious of him. I wanted to play with the doll. I wanted the doll to be mine.

I was jealous of him. I had experienced jealousy for the first time.

One day, I accidentally stepped on the tail of a dog. He was mad in pain. He came howling after me. I was very afraid. I ran inside and hid in my mothers lap. I had experienced fear.

One day I stole a five rupee note from my father. I wanted to buy some marbles.

“Son, have you seen my five rupee note.” My father asked me.

“No papa” I answered innocently.

He believed me. I learnt deceit that day.

Yesterday I was walking by the road when I saw a gorgeous lady. Her blouse had a revealing back. Her skirts were too short to hide her legs. Her curves and flesh were neatly visible.

I experienced lust.

And this is how my friend, I finally became a human.

-Tilak K C


Anonymous said...

Nice job Tilak!

Tilak said...

thanks dai!

Pentad said...

Wonderful. Simplistic beauty.