Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love you

Yesterday I went to the market. It was a busy place. People were busily buying the necessities. The vehicles were randomly moving. And passersby were hurrying towards their destination.

And amidst all the crowds I saw a face stopped everything in its place.

She had the eyes of deep blue sea. She had the color of the fair snow. Her smile was freezing everyone on their way. I couldn’t stop myself.

“Oh, the fair one, oh angel, your incomparable beauty has in captivated me. My heart has fallen for you, oh, maiden I love you.” I said

She turned back. And I saw a smile flash across her face. She left the market.

I moved on.

After few of the steps I saw another of the god’s masterpiece.

She was angelic. She had the heavenly beauty. She had the juvenile walk. She had the childish grace. Every passer by was turning back to glance at her. Dimples flashed across her cheeks as she smiled. She was a diamond oblivious of her own shine.

I couldn’t stop myself.

“Oh, the master creation of the god, your creator must be very proud of you. I have never seen such an innocent beauty. You are a living angel. Oh, my love, I can’t tell you how much my heart longs for you.”

She came to a sudden halt. I saw her rosy cheeks turn red. She turned back and curiously gazed at me. Then she too departed.

I moved on.

It was my lucky day. I saw another of the mesmerizing beauty ahead of me. She was the perfect imagination of an artist and perfect poem of a poet. Her dark oval face had searching brown eyes. She had perfect symmetrical nose. Her rosy lips were dry and oddly tempting. The two lines of white teeth flashed as she smiled about. She was searching for something in the shop.

I couldn’t stop myself.

“Oh god, thy heaven must be joyless for your angel is here in the earth. Oh, dear maiden, your grace is infinite. I can not tell you how much I wish to love you.”

She stared me with those calm brown eyes. They neither had hatred nor compassion in them. They were oddly curious. Soon, she too departed.

Today, I came back to the market.

There came the first angel.

“Oh dear poet, your courage has caught my heart. Your praising has given me a sleepless night. So, my dear poet, I am in love with you.”

She departed. Soon the second angel arrived.

“Oh dear boy, you have stolen something from me. I have never felt this before. I feel my heart longing for something, something beautiful. My heart longs for you my dear, you have stolen that from me, for that I am madly in love with you.

She departed. And the third angel arrived.

“Oh dear, your words have caught me, yet life isn’t just about words. The words shall be lost in happiness and sorrows of life. They shall be forgotten and buried. Love isn’t just about words. So, my dear, forgive me but I can not love you.”

Soon she too departed.

For some reason I was deeply in love with the third angel.

-Tilak K C

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