Saturday, April 19, 2008


I am traveling.

I am in the last seat of the bus. The vehicle is full of passengers.

The first row of the bus is full with a doctor, engineer, government officer and a teacher. The doctor is grimly pondering over something. The engineer is tensed. He is intently gazing outside the window. The government officer is repeatedly checking his watch. The teacher has a pile of papers on his lap.

The second row of bus has students on them. They have big bulky books opened on their laps.

The bus starts moving. A small miniature figure enters the bus.

The money collector is no more than ten years old. He is small and dark. A big yellow T shirt hangs on his shoulder. A small scarf is wrapped around his forehead.

He starts collecting the fare. He cheerfully asks for the fare. He then requests us to hand him with the proper changes. A lady complains about the fare. He smiles and explains that it’s the rate that’s been decided upon. The vehicle stops at another stop. Few of the passengers get out. Few of the girls are walking by. The bus moves on. He whistles at the girls. The girls turn back and smile. He blows few kisses in the air. I could see the girls blushing. He has a wide grin on his face. He continues his job with the same smile and juvenility.

The doctor, engineer, government officer, teacher and students are still doing what they were doing. They still have grim faces.

This small fellow keeps on smiling. He keeps on doing his job.

-Tilak KC


Ceris said...

This is really very good, quite magical !

Anonymous said...

Thats a really nice peice on perspective Mr. Blogger. Very Imaginative & Creative I must say.

-freedom writer

Tilak said...

Thank you, thank you once again.